Wicked Walk 2/4/2015

Wednesday March 4th was a bit odd.  Not only did I go to Nacogdoches (almost an hour drive) to work at a feed store for the day, the lovely 80 degrees we were enjoying (if you recall last week my walk featured snow, AH!) dropped to 40 in a two-hour time period.  And it rained on and off.  And Addie was with me.  And I decided to go on a 3 day cleanse.  But we are getting off subject.

Here is what I saw.

At the feed store.

walk roadWell, this was before I got to the feed store.  I left the house a few minutes early so I could take some pictures along the way.

I have a love of dishes, horses, chickens, wine, chocolate, cheese, Alfredo sauce, scones, wooden tables, wooden doors, scarves, men, travel, books, blogging, old people and old houses.  Not in any particular order.

I love this house.

walk houseAnd this one…..

walk houseYet no one lives in either which is tragic.

walk roadYucky morning.

We finally arrived at the store and, for once, didn’t have to wait on the train.

The tracks run right next to what was once the feed mill.

walk trainSadly, they no longer mix feed here.  My uncle, Bill, ran the feed mill for 30-something years.  I worked for 11 years in another feed store in Jacksonville.  The man I worked for bought the store that Bill worked for a few years ago and moved the mill operation to Jacksonville.  Bill retired, I quit yet we both helped out after hanging up our feed store caps.  Which is why I’m here today.  Helping I mean.  I know, I’m being long-winded but now you know.  Don’t you feel enlightened?

Me neither.

walk trainRandom railway worker.

There is still a lot of old tanks and equipment around the place…..

The sign, though weathered, is still up.

walk nacI love old signs.  You can add that to my aforementioned list.

walk doorsAnd doors.  But I said that already.

walk nacIt is fun being the ‘new girl’, making new friends and once people find out I’m related to Bill, they like me even more!

There are TONS of dandelions right now…..

walk nac….and there is a creek.  Banita Creek.  Addie and I explored it a bit.

Then we headed back up the rather steep hill.

walk nacAnd went inside.

walk nacI love feed stores.  And Addie.  Well, I love her a LOT more but I think you already knew that.

walk addieBoth of her front teeth came out about 2 weeks ago and she now speaks with a lisp.  Completely adorable.

walk trainView from inside.

walk addieAnd then it was time to go home.

Thanks for joining us today!

Oh, and there was a really pretty cat but you can’t see him until Friday.  It was so pretty it got its own post!

Until then, have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 2/4/2015

  1. Time for a little “Take Me Home Country Roads”! I love places like you visited! We have a feed and seed store locally where you are greeted by a cat while you look at the seed taters and step over an ole lazy dog to pay the friendly ole owner! They load your stuff and say, “ya’ll come back now, ya hear”! Love it!

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