Wicked Walk 4/22/2015

I scurried out late Wednesday April 22nd and fought the mosquitoes yet again.  Still, all was lovely.

Here is what I saw.

walk flowerFlowers EVERYWHERE!

And I wish I could send you the heavenly smell I inhaled!  The honeysuckle is everywhere and blooming like mad.

walk flowerwalk flowerOkay, bonus points for all who can spot the butterfly!

1, 2, 3…….GO.

walkTricky little winged creatures.

Do you have spittle bugs?  We do and they leave little white blobs all over the place, as seen below in a patch of ferns.

These white flowers, they smell almost as good as the honeysuckle.

walk flowerThe bees loved them too.

walk swampHere is the mosquito nursery.  Pretty isn’t it?

Dang swamp.

walk drangonflyDragonflies like it though.

So do thistles…..

walk thistlewalk thistleOld rotten logs covered in mushrooms are right at home here as well.

walk swampNote the reflection.

walk mushroomTotal nature awesomeness.

walk fieldAnd also time for me to head home!  Clouds were getting a little dark!

walk cloudsThanks for walking with me today!

Love ya’!

3 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/22/2015

  1. As a kid I remember tasting the nectar in the bloom on honeysuckle vines! Amazing how aromas such as honeysuckle bring back memories! Love it! Thanks for your walks!

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