Old Barns & Blackberry Vines

There is an old barn about a mile from my house, I’ve been anxious to explore it but never found the time.  Until last week!  I had to go early, while the weather was cool, since it is almost covered in beautiful blackberry bushes and I have zero desire to be snake bit.  Also, I was kinda, sorta, maybe trespassing just a LITTLE bit.  I see “No trespassing” signs and want to go all Pocahontas on them “You think you own whatever land you land on, the earth is just a dead thing you can claim!  But I know every rock and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name!!!!!”  I bet they can’t paint with all the colors of the wind either.  Although honestly,  I don’t want people wandering around my place, hypocritical, I know.  But that’s another post.

As I was wading thru knee-high, dew-damp grass to get to the barn I found another barn!  Completely invisible from the road.


I went in for a closer look…barn

The roof was missing on one side but everything else was still there as far as I could tell.
barn doorJust sitting there, waiting on a human, a cow, anything to put it back into use.
I sat in the doorway a few minutes, just to kinda say “Hi Barn, you aren’t forgotten”
barnEven though, in reality, it has been forgotten. Until now.
barnbarn fenceNext to it I found some old cattle working pens. Once upon a time there were a lot of dairies around here, I’m sure this was one of them.
cattle pensNow, quite hidden and shaded by giant pine trees.
barn pine treeI went on in search of the barn I was actually looking for.
blackberrySeeing a giant blackberry crop as I went along! I had immediate visions of jelly, syrup and possibly wine in my future. (Yes, I know I’d be trespassing again but the deer and birds can’t eat them ALL before they go to waste, believe me!)

Oh look, a roof!

blackberry barn

A door!blackberry barn

And there she was.

Much larger than the previous barn.
barnI crept inside the southern side first…….
barnShocked at how well everything was in tact. The hay racks, feed troughs, all looked good enough to use with a few minor repairs!
barnThe doors all swung open and shut effortlessly and with nary a squeak.
barn doorI’d like to see someone build them that way now. Ha.
barn noseyNosey thought I was a nut. She stayed outside.
barn troughI mean, look at this set-up! I can’t get over it.
barnI wandered into the middle of the barn next, it was a bit more shabby but only because there was hay left on the wooden floors.
barnI love open windows.


I think the next time I paint, I’ll try and paint this window.
barn doorOver on to the north side, a perfect replica of the south side.  How efficient!


 A few more peeks…..
barnAnd it was time to head home.

barnThanks for sharing your shade, your history and your beauty old barn. I appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Old Barns & Blackberry Vines

  1. If only the old walls could talk! Love the shots you got! I played many hours in old barns like this on my Big Daddy’s (my mother’s father) farm!

    Liked by 1 person

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