Wicked Walk 4/1/2015

I don’t put much thought into April Fools Day but I must say I was a bit of fool walking in the mosquito storm encountered this April first 2015.  They were thick and wicked and swarmed my head each and every time I paused for a photo.  I’ve lived here forever and never felt like my face was being eaten off by tiny, swarming insects.  Not good.  Yet, the beauty of the woods was undeniable.

Here is what I saw.

toad addie walkI began in my bedroom with a toad Addie had caught and brought inside to show me.  The poor dear was peeping for his life!

bird walkA pretty redbird followed on the high-line.  I was wishing they were both with me a bit later, to chase and eat those pesky insects.

flower walkSeeing this I understood why the hummingbirds showed up early this year….

walk flowerI put up my hummingbird feeder a few days ago and already have a healthy population.

walk treeWhile this dead tree lives on, covered in vines and woodpecker holes.

The wildflowers and dogwoods were amazing!

And I’m not sure if y’all have Maypops or not.  To be honest I don’t even know if that is their proper name.  But they come bursting forth across the forest floor each spring bearing lovely leaves, flowers and fruits.  I’ve loved them as long as I can remember.

Aren’t they pretty?

And this I’ve never seen before….


It was all awesome really…..walk forestwalk forestwalk forestExcept for the mosquitoes who were more definitely not awesome.

walk flowerThis blossom will soon be a lovely blackberry……

walk flowerAnd this……already a most unlovely thistle.

walk birdwalk birdThe buzzards didn’t seem to mind the bugs.

Neither did this butterfly….

walk butterflyAnd while they didn’t seem to mind, this chick-a-dee had to go home!

walk roadThanks for coming along with me today!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/1/2015

  1. Love the country road picture! Would much rather be in a place like that today than where I have to go! Washington, DC! Uggh! All to make a granddaughter happy!

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