Wicked Walk 6/3/2015

Even after a week of sunshine there are still puddles everywhere but I’m not complaining!  I spent an hour drinking coffee on the porch, watching the hummingbirds fight, then slipped on my tennis shoes for a walk.

Here is what I saw.

walk chickenThe Mama chicken and her two rapidly growing children, ready to escape the barn and catch some breakfast.

walk birdI think this bird already had some breakfast, he was just kinda hanging out.

And my darling chickens are quite fond of unripe blueberries, I’d like you to see my entire crop from 3 bushes this year…..

walk blueberryHow much you wanna bet something gets them before they are ripe?

However, my blackberries are producing right and left AND being left alone!  Yay!!!!!!

IMG_7013Matter of fact I am making a cobbler today, first one ever from my own berry bushes.

“Happy Dance”

IMG_7014I finally made it out of the yard……

walk flowerPretty sweet pea.

walk flowerThis year, March, April and May showers brought June flowers.

walk puddleAnd murky, watery mosquito bearing swamps.  With yellow flowers.

walk leafThe new growth, however, is astounding!

walk dogNosey is very glad there are lots of puddles left!

walk water flowerAs I wandered along I saw some towering Sweetgum trees in a nice trio……

walk treesAnd then a darling little frog!

walk frogAnd her eggs!

walk frog eggsBaby frogs en route!

Then I crested a hill and saw a movement.  At first I thought “Good Gawd those are the biggest rabbits in Texas!”

Then I thought “Oh, that’s a little bobcat!”

Then I realized, it was a pair of twin fawns crossing the road!  I only got one shot and missed the lead twin but isn’t she a treasure?!

walk deerI had planned on walking a lot farther than half a mile from the house but didn’t want Nosey chasing after the little spotted darlings.  And besides, seeing wild babies, well, its hard to top that.  So I trudged home happily thinking about my encounter with the two biggest ‘rabbits’ in Texas.

Thanks for walking with me today y’all.

3 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 6/3/2015

  1. Blueberries must be like crack for the critters! Mine just “poof”, disappear! I’ve eaten one or two! Next year I break out the nets, chain link fence with razor wire plus hire a couple of 300 pound marines!
    I love the sweetgum trees picture? Now I could stretch out on a hammock under those big guys and cut some zzzzzzz!
    Happy cobbler feasting! Not jealous, nope nope nope!


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