Wicked Walk 8/5/2015

Hello Peeps!  The Texas heat has been brutal, 106 the past few days and I’ve lost one hen to the temp’s already.  So my family and I decided it would do us good to cool off a bit at a friends houseboat in Kentucky.  We drove then walked, boated and floated about for a weekend.

Here is what I saw.

From the boat.

walk addie lake

A cute, small human whom I gave birth to, riding on an tube.

walk lake

The water and landscape around this lake, Dale Hollow, is simply stunning.

walk lake

I could live here.

walk lake

The kids love it for a totally different reason….

walk lake


walk lake

walk lake

The biggest thrill I got was from my seat right here……

walk lake

My healthy calves and broke in Sperrys were happy.

walk lake

Water, water……everywhere!

walk lakewalk waterwalk water

With some pretty clouds thrown in for good measure.
walk cloud

What I love most about this part of the country is its cleanness……
walk lake
The shores and roadways are almost completely trash-free. Litter stinks and we have WAY to much of it in Texas I am sorry to say.
walk lake addie
However, Addie and Ryan, I think they will be good stewards of the nature they’ve been gifted with.
walk lake
Back at the boat the American spirit was flying everywhere. God bless the U.S.A.
And God bless you too!

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