Wicked Walk 9/23/2015

Another Wednesday I found myself in town, all these Wednesdays in town are self-inflicted but still.  I’ll be glad when I get back to my old ‘free as a bird, without a care in the world, taking leisurely photo-capturing stroll’ Wednesdays.  Soon, my friends, very soon.  Maybe.

Anyway, while the childrens were all in church I trotted myself over to Jim Hogg City Park, a pretty park hidden at the edge of town.  The days are getting shorter, much shorter.  So I was a bit frantic, running about, trying the catch some shots before the light failed.

Here is what I saw

pssst……..sorry for skipping Wednesday church.  Again.

walk rusk

Historical home of the Hogg family greets you upon arrival.

It is a very old dog trot, style house.  I love dog trots.

walk rusk

And someone must be hired to water the flowers, mine are pretty much all dead.

walk rusk flower

I crept up on the porch…….

walk rusk

Then around to a window………

walk window rusk

You can see the hat hanging on the bedpost.  The house is a museum, but I always seem to come when they are closed.

Cane syrup was also made here.

walk ruskwalk rusk

A little about the family…….

walk rusk

TIME OUT!  Pop Quiz!

Who knows what kind of bird this is?

(hint, it is the state bird of Texas)

walk bird

If you guessed ‘Mockingbird’ then you got it right!  You win!  Not that there is PRIZE or anything, but hey.  You are super smart!  😉

Oh look, they have a nature trail.  I didn’t even know that.

walk rusk

Hey, check out this pine tree.  Doesn’t it look like a giant fell head first into the ground and his poor legs are still sticking out?!

walk rusk

Maybe its just me.

walk rusk

Light fading fast, I hurried over to the family graveyard to pay my respects……

walk rusk

One more quick glance around……

walk tree

Then back to pick up the childrens.

walk rusk

 Thanks for coming to the park with me today, I hope you have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 9/23/2015

  1. Well, makes me feel right at home seeing that old cane press! Lord Lord, what memories I have remembering seeing a mule pull one those things round and round and at the same time smelling the sweet goodness cooking off to a delicious morning treat with mama’s fresh baked biscuits with loads of butter almost every morning! I have a friend here that still does it the old fashioned way and shares the syrup with me! It was such a treat to chew the cane too! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of the great days many of us got to live through in this wonderful country God blessed us with! The mockingbird does sing still so I don’t need no diamond ring when I have a song and wonderful memories of bygone days!


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