One of the prettiest drives in my part of the world lies on Highway 21 between Alto and Nacogdoches, Texas.  One of the reasons is this little, old church.  When I drive past it in the early morning hours, the sunrise shines through the windows, filling the entire building with a golden, seamless, glow.  It is as if God himself has sent bursts of light from the pulpit and into the world.

Literal Light.

I finally had to stop and take a picture.

Well, several.  You know me.  I never take ‘A’ picture.  It’s always like one hundred and fifty three.  Or something.


And the oak tree next to it is beautiful.

See how the windows glow? It is not justified here.
I’m not sure there are services held here anymore, but maybe they should be.

church window
Have a great Sunday y’all.

5 thoughts on “Church

  1. Gosh that’s awesome! Reminds of those little country churches my dad used to pastor when I was a snotty nose brat! You can almost hear “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound” or “I’ll Fly Away oh Glory” coming from the bright windows! We used to have church with the windows open in the summer and everyone had a hand held self powered fan furnished by the local funeral home to cool a little and swat the gnats! (The tree huggers would of loved us cause we were just using self generated energy)! Talk about advertising! The church helped them know the Lord and the undertaker was on their minds when they got ready to meet the Lord! Haha! So cool! I’m sure many good ole souls made peace with their Maker there & maybe still do! Thank you so much for reviving those old memories of little churches just like this one where my ole saintly daddy preached Jesus, loved the people in his churches and a saintly mama who supported and adored him and the God he preached!


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