Wicked Walk 9/16/2015

Texas is hot.  And I know I said, repeatedly, last winter that I would not complain about the heat when it arrived.  So I’m not.  Complaining that is.  I’m simply stating a fact in an exasperated voice while sweating and squishing fire ants with my index finger.

It. Is. Hot.

I put off walking until almost 7:00p.m. and since I was in town I decided to trot over to our world famous footbridge.  When I was little, I was convinced it was the longest footbridge in the world.  As an adult I’m not sure about that claim but it is a very long one, for a footbridge that is.

Here is what I saw.

walk footbridge

As you can see, it IS pretty darn long.
walk tree
The surrounding park, though small, has some amazing trees.

walk footbridge

At the end of the bridge, or the beginning depending on where you started, is a historical marker……
walk footbridge
And some houses……
walk housewalk house
Rusk has some lovely houses.

After admiring them a moment, I turned around and headed back…….

walk footbridge

Down the last few steps and into my car. Which has Air Conditioning.
walk steps

Thanks for walking the footbridge with me today!

9 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 9/16/2015

  1. You have inspired me to visit more out of the way places on my next trip through Texas, “someday”! We toured the west, including Texas, on both trips but took in the higher profile destinations which most were buns to buns with other tourists! We did enjoy Guadalupe Mountains Park & it wasn’t crowded! I told my wife that one of the reasons I retired “Dizzy World” (which most of the time it is with hordes of people) was to get to go to where I could take a picture without someones ear, nose or other body part in the picture or bumping me as I’m about to press the shutter button! Haha, they’re probably saying the same thing about me! Your pictures are so peaceful! I love these small towns and that bridge, “wow”! That would be an ultimate ride on a bike for a big kid like me! I wonder how many proposals for marriage were made in a stroll across that thing? And the big old house with the porch! Really beautiful & I’ll bet some really sweet people live or have lived there! Shifting gears, it is time for a cool down! We have a little taste of fall this week & I’m thankful for it! Have a great day! Sorry for the paragraph but I write much more than I talk! I’m really a very very quiet person! Sorry, I just keep on writing! (:-(( My fingers just won’t shut up!


    • You may write a paragraph anytime you wish! I also write MUCH more than I talk, my husband probably prefers it that way, haha! I’ve never visited the Guadalupe but would love to, tourists aren’t really my thing either. 🙂


    • Oh my, yes! It’s practically like walking into a sauna every time you go outside from June until October. And of course, it makes the cold colder, lol. Dry air would be welcome! But I probably won’t get that unless I move to Phoenix! 🙂


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