Wicked Walk 9/9/2015

Just as last week, I found myself working in town, camera and child in tow.  Thankfully, we were experiencing scattered showers all day which limited our exploration of the creek and other surroundings, but that was okay!  Rain, rain, we will take some rain please!

Here is what I saw.

In town.  At the feed store.  In between showers.

I don’t think I ever see the same kitty twice.  Except today.

walk feed store kitty

Pretty Kitty!
walk corn stalk

Some volunteer corn. A bit past it’s prime.
walk flower vineTrumpet Vines. They grow EVERYWHERE.

walk barn vine

From inside the hay barn.
walk birds
Feed stores always have plenty of birds pecking about the place…..
walk feed store tanks nac
Some old tanks…….
walk addie creek
….and a young girl.
walk creek nacwalk creek nac
And a creek that flows on and on.
Thanks for joing me today, until next time!

8 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 9/9/2015

  1. The creek and your comment that it flows on and on reminds me of the title of the movie “A River Runs Through It”! Cool kitty! I’ll bet the birds and mice around that place keep it well fed & entertained! I’m intrigued by the graffiti on the rail cars! Of course we all see that a lots now days! I wish I was that artistic although I wouldn’t do my best work on rail cars! It would be neat to see a commentary on these phantom artists and what motivates them and why they don’t use their talents for good! Maybe some of them do have paying jobs but love to escape their day jobs for a little “walk on the wild side”! People and what motivates them is a study within itself! I’m motivated to say “have a nice day” and then pour another cup of coffee! Bye Ya’ll!


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