Wicked Walk ~ A Substitute

Substitute.  Substitute is a word I can not spell.  It is one of those words I can barely get close enough to spelling correctly that my computer is able to decipher my meaning.  But that is neither here nor there. As you read this I will be a good 30 miles from internet connections, cell phone service or a store of any kind.  In other words, I will be in heaven.  Also known as Wyoming.  And I’ve been here awhile, so what should have been last weeks walk is quite impossible to share.  So I thought I’d share another walk I took, a walk in Louisville, Kentucky a few weeks ago.  I was there for a wedding but it just so happened that an event known as WorldFest was being hosted next door to the hotel.  I discovered this while looking for the Evan Williams distillery, I found it but the tours were all booked so back to WorldFest I went.

And I’m so glad I did!

Here is what I saw.

WorldFestA World!  How appropriate.

There were pina coladas served in pineapples.  I didn’t get one.  But I wanted to.


Aren’t they colorful?  And fun.  And yummy looking.

I should have got one.


These dresses were also colorful and fun but I was not tempted to buy one.

I did get 2 origami Christmas ornaments for 5.00 and a tiny wooden turtle with a bobbing head for 3.00. Yay!
There were all kinds of performers and singers…….this group were Irish.

Booths in covered tents had representatives from all over the world, handing out information about their country and giving demonstrations.

Then there were the mimes. Mimes freak me out.
But I still like them better than clowns. Clowns give me nightmares. Even friendly ones.

Did I mention it was hot?  Like the hottest day of the year in Louisville.  I think it was some kind of record.

These folks had the right idea.


The place was covered in fountains and the fountains were covered in people.
This Frenchman was serving up all kinds of tasty treats, doesn’t he look interesting?  I bet he is awesome.worldfest
Plus, he had a giant rooster.
How fun is that?!
It must have been Irish hour or Irish afternoon, something like that. These fellows were also talented and funny and slightly obsessed with singing about whiskey. Or whisky. And the effects of said drink.worldfestworldfest
It was music worth dancing too!
And dance they did!
And that was my little tour around WorldFest. Thanks for coming with me today!

2 thoughts on “Wicked Walk ~ A Substitute

  1. You had my attention at “Wyoming”! Love that state & wish I had of saved my nickels and dimes when I lived there in my early teens and bought a canyon or something to have my own little piece of heaven! Hope to get back again someday! Hope your time there is fun! Mimes, costumed people and crowds are a thing of the past for me except when I’m dragged there! Certain places in Wyoming are very crowded though as we experienced at Yellowstone! I asked my wife when we arrived at Old Faithful if we weren’t back at mouse land! Nothing wrong with people who love that lifestyle as they paid my salary and retirement but I like wide open spaces where just the sounds of nature are heard! Hope you get some great pictures in my favorite state! Now, I will take my soap box and exit! Montana is great too!


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