If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know I publish a ‘Wicked Walk’ every Wednesday.  Only, this past Wednesday, I didn’t.  This was due to several reasons.

Number One.  Randy, my oldest and dearest rooster, has bumblefoot.  I’d never heard of it but was trolling the internet trying to find out what was wrong with his feet.  Turns out, it is an infection that will require a down-home, personal surgery in my kitchen.  This is happening tomorrow, if anyone wants to show up and help.  It will require me catching Randy after dark, wrapping him in a towel, soaking his feet in warm water, taking a sharp knife and cutting off dead flesh and extracting a core of hardened puss from said foot.  Then wrapping it up and praying he lets me catch him again every 3 days until the wound is healed.

Number Two.  Instead of staying home, blogging, writing, home-schooling and cleaning house like I do on a normal Wednesday……I went to Dallas with one of my best friends.  And I drooled at the American Girl store.  And I had Starbucks.  And I decided I wanted to live at Ikea, forever.  And I bought a crystal growing kit, nature puzzle, Mars putty and a chicken that shoots eggs out of its butt at a toy store next to White House/Black Market.  I figured I better stay in the toy store.

So, please forgive me my lack of a walk.  I promise to hop back on the wagon this week.

Number Three.  I’ve also, kinda been writing a kids book.  About a rooster.  I finished it this week.  My mom thought it was going to be a picture book.

So did I.  But, 15,731 words later…….I think it is going to be a chapter book.

Thank for reading, y’all are the best!

I’ll let you know how the bumblefoot surgery works out……..poor Randy.


12 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Hope Randy does well! If I ever get bumblefoot I will be calling for an appointment! Do you have a cure for foot in mouth disease? Being an ole rooster sure causes problems! Us ole roosters don’t have as much to crow about as we used to! I can relate Randy ole boy! Rooster prayers going up for you!


  2. Poor Randy. We have had that here before, too. Have no clue how, really, but it’s happened. I didn’t actually do any pus removal, but they do heal on their own though it takes a loooong time. Bird pus is hard, which makes things difficult!


    • Thank you Julie, he was a very good patient. One foot was easy to clean and the core popped right out. The other was more difficult but he seems to be getting around fine today. I’m curious about how it will look when I change the bandage. Icky mess, keeping chickens sometimes.

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