Wicked Walk 11/4/2015

November is a glorious month!  Changing leaves, cool mornings, mild days, deer season, various excuses to make unhealthy desserts and use vast amounts of real whipping cream and mascarpone cheese.  Yes, November is the month for me!  And this first walk of November was quite pleasant.  After taking in my share of coffee on the porch, I ventured out to the woods.

Here is what I saw.

walk mushroom

A perfectly marvelous mushroom, with friends!
walk mushroom
Or babies. Something like that.
I could have stopped here and been perfectly happy. But I hadn’t even made it to the forest yet, so I figured I better keep going.
walk tree forest
Over the log and thru woods to see some deer, we go!
And I saw lots of deer. Tails and rear-ends that is. Walking with Nosey is like taking a poor girl to Neiman Marcus. They gotta run and see EVERYTHING. Even if they can’t afford, or catch it. One day she is going to just flounce over from a heart attack.
walk baseball
I found this baseball in the middle of the road and if I thought she would fetch, I’d have taken it. But I knew better. So, on we went.
walk forest
Just chasin’ tail.

Isn’t that acorn neat? I believe it was trying to sprout when it was partially consumed by some creature of the forest. Neat. I think there is a poem about that somewhere……
walk dog
Nosey, still seeking deer. Bless her heart, she is so short, she only sees about a third of the ones I do.
For this, the deer are thankful.


Giving up on a deer picture, I trudged back, the mile plus, home. About 40 feet from my driveway I spy this…..
walk deer
Nosey never knew she was there.
walk flower
Another Morning Glory shot, before the frost takes them, and we are home again.
Thanks for walking with me today!
Love ya’!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 11/4/2015

  1. Wow, those snow white mushrooms! What a beautiful creation! Never saw one like that! So sorry Nosey! We all have our crosses to bear! Hope your deer sightings get better ole girl (talking to Nosey Rachel)! Would never call you an ole girl! (;-))


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