Wicked Walk 8/18/2016

I’ve walked mostly without my camera these days, mainly due to the fact I have no internet but also because I’ve been trying to actually walk for fitness and that doesn’t really work out when you stop every 3 feet to photograph a mushroom, dragonfly or miscellaneous leaf.  However, today was different.  I wanted you to see the road I drive down on my way to work, the road that leads to the glorious café that DOES have internet.  My road for now.

Since the neighbors dogs seem to have taken up permanent residence at our temporary home, they came with me, along with Nosey.  All-in-all, I was accompanied by 4 dogs.

I don’t even like dogs.

Therefore I only went a mile, because if I went beyond a mile I would have to walk past houses with dogs and didn’t want to scream, jump, yell and generally make a poor first impression on the neighborhood.  So I turned around and headed back, pack in tow.

Here is what I saw.


A very wet road and the backside of a dog.  I’m thankful for the rain, so no complaining here!  Just an observation.


I desperately want a Mimosa in my yard. Pink flowers, smells good, lets off a slight mist, cool tree in general. However, I keep reading they are messy and not fun for the yard. Maybe I’ll plant one at the edge of the yard…

It is really a very pretty road on which to walk.
And look what I found!
I wasn’t sure what it was at first, so I sent a picture of it to my mother, knower of all things.
She had never come across one but thought it was a groundnut vine. Thanks to Google, I confirmed her suspicions and read a little about them. They are a lovely vine that enjoy shade, grow tubers that can he harvested and eaten in the fall (Kinda like potatoes) and they were a major food source for American Indians!

Cool beans! Or tubers.
Anyway, the best time to transplant is fall so I have it marked on my calender to dig some tubers next month and take them to our new place. I think they are lovely, even if I never eat one.
Whilst taking pictures I almost tripped on this thing……
Cute. but always in the way.
Not mine.
In case any of y’all forgot…..
I guess I need to get one. I’m the only person who doesn’t have this sign in my yard. Although, to be honest, I don’t think Jesus cares if I have the sign or not. He’d rather I not kick the dog. Which is harder than merely putting a sign in the yard.
But anyway.
Look! Polk berries dripping with rain!

So pretty!
One last shot of the fence line….

And we are done people!
Now you know what the road looks like. At least up to the first house with dogs!
Thanks for walking with me today!

7 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 8/18/2016

  1. Being in the minority of those who dislike bright sunny hot weather, I can get lost in your pictures of the wet surroundings! I love rain, fog and clouds! And no, I’m not a gloomy person! Thanks for the “after rain” pictures! No haters please! My oldest daughter loves hot sun plus loves to lay out in it so she has trouble relating to her dad! Haha! Well, you don’t like dogs? I always took it you did because of the dog that was in many of your other walks at the other place! That is one of the main digs between the wife & I! I want my dog to be by my side always but one dog hair in her house brings on the dreaded “look” as Tim the tool man Taylor used to say! I hope you’re old enough to remember the Home Improvement show! As regards to dogs, I will admit that neighbors “out of control” dogs can be a pain though! I love it when people put up “Jesus is Lord” signs! But I hate it when they live as though He hasn’t become Lord of their lives! I attend church on a fairly regular basis but sometimes I think my old friends at a bar back when I drank a lots liked me more than a lot of these “Jesus Is Lord” people! I really struggle with people who wear the badge “christian” but have no spiritual fruit (love, joy, peace, long-suffering and the other fruits of the spirit) to show for it! No judging as to their relationship with Jesus as only He knows but what a different world this would be if we just lived as Jesus wants us to & I always put myself as the #1 person who needs to be more like our Lord! Ok! Sermon is over and we will now dismiss! I forgot to take up the offering though! Haha! Have a great day! Oh, and remember that seeing the backside of a strange dog (your first picture) is much more preferable to seeing the front end (with teeth)! I think that is an old Chinese proverb! Dang, I’m full of wisdom today!


    • Hahaha! You are a bucket of wisdom this Monday morning! I dislike dogs in general, but love certain ones very deeply. Kinda like some folks, ha! I don’t think the ones that tear up stuff, dig holes and bark. Which is a while lot of them! I wouldn’t have taken a million dollars for my Belle Belle though. She was a Golden Retriever I lost 3 years ago. 😦 I actually went to church twice yesterday, but like you siad, it is the daily walk and fruit of the spirit that matters, not signs or church attendence. And……I love rain. It makes me happy, I love storms and lightening and thunder and clouds! I’m so ready for fall and cool, rainy days! I hope you have a great day, I enjoyed your sermon! ;D


  2. I loved your post for the day! :] You live in such a beautiful place and I am glad you share your surroundings with the rest of us! Not to mention your dialog is superb!

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