Wicked Walk 4/12/2016

Good morning dear readers!  I hope this little walk finds you all well with the world going your way!  And, if not, maybe these photos will brighten your day.  Last night we had a wild storm, lightening, thunder, tiny bits of hail and enough rain to drown the town.  But the rain was needed, the hail did no harm and the lightening was amazing.  It all led to a very, wet, muddy walk this morning.  With Addie and Nosey in tow, because when there are mud puddles and, well, mud itself present, dogs and children will not be deterred.

Here is what we saw.

Flowers blooming madly in the flower beds, plus Addie giving the chickens some much-anticipated treats!
The flowers along side our fence are lovely too…..
walk flowerwalk flower
Addie is participating in this program, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it….its called “No Rock Left Behind.”

walk addie trainwalk addie

The rocks are all relocated to a secret location. Also known as Addie’s room.

She has a serious rock addiction.

walk addie dog road

The rest of the walk was muddy, pleasant and rockless.

It was all good and we headed home.  Ferns in hand to grace the dinner table.

Thanks for walking with us y’all.

p.s.  Addie needed a snack.  She made her own peanut butter and jelly.  She doesn’t need me anymore.  😦

walk addie food


9 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/12/2016

  1. Lol! Such a lovely post, and beautiful pictures! And let me tell you right now – that little miss with the spray of freckles will always, ALWAYS need her momma. Just not necessarily to make PBJ… 🙂 MH


  2. As Mother Hen said, she will always need you. She just may not admit that fact from around 12 years old to about 25, but after that, she will gets smarter! 🙂


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