Wicked Walk 8/11/2016

Recently my darling friend, Amanda, took her husband on a surprise trip to Hot Springs to celebrate their anniversary.  I set up camp at her casa to look after chickens, parrots, dogs and various other creatures.  My darling friend has a lot of mirrors.  These lovely bits of reflective glass only reinforced the knowledge (shoved into the back corner of my mind), that my pants no longer fit and according to my BMI, I am officially overweight.  Then I began considering this….my friend has WIFI.  I did Pilates to get fit after Addie was born.  I should most definitely YouTube some Pilates videos and get my butt in shape!

Yes!  Great idea!

So I wallered my fat ass on the wood floor and began following the directions led by very flexible, fit and tanned women.  Conjoling my body into positions such as Lotus Flower, Walrus Lover and Duck Lip.  After 30 minutes I was sweaty, slightly angry and hungry.

I couldn’t walk the next morning.

I made it thru the chores, but only barely.  I made it thru work, slowly.  And I decided that instead of doing Pilates two days in a row, I should probably take a walk and have a beer.

Or six.

Because walking is exercise.  And light beer has water in it.  I think.

(Don’t tell me otherwise!)

Here is what I saw.


They have lovely woods and a pond.  Jason has been working furiously to clean up the woods and it has paid off in a big way!

So pretty!


This hill is very easy to walk down.  Up, not so much.


I know for a fact there are massive bullfrogs in the pond, but try as I may, I didn’t see one.  Right around dark, they began singing.  Rather loudly in fact.

I think they wanted to watch me do Pilates.


I’m not sure where the cool, red bench came from but I love it. I also love that twisted vine!
Reminds me of……me.
I have serious Crepe Myrtle envy. I remember when she first moved here, and it was much smaller. I wanted, so badly, for the Crepe Myrtle I’ve been raising for 3 years to be white and this shape. Just like Miss Amanda’s.  As of today it is squatty, leans to one side and just bloomed purple.
So much for that.

Tossing that notion into the bin with Pilates.
However, I will always have chickens.

And so shall she.

I love a handsome roo!

Thanks for walking (and exercising) with me today!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 8/11/2016

  1. So pretty! You have such a gift for photography.

    I recently attended my first body barre class, so I feel your pain. I like to think I’m pretty fit, but this class was taught by a psychotic pixie…I loved it, but in a strongly hate driven kind of way. Called my mom that evening “everything hurts and I’m dying.”


    • Bahahaha!!!! I understand! I think I’m going to have to get in the Winston Churchill camp of, the only time I shall run is from enemies and to the bathroom! I thought I was more fit than I actually am too, although I can haul the heck out of some feed! 😀


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