Wicked Walk 7/19/2016

I’ve taken exactly 4 walks since we have moved, but this one, number 5, was the first one on which I toted my camera.  It was a lovely morning.  I tried to get Peaches to go with me but he just stuck out his tongue.


He thinks exercising is just for humans.

So I headed out on my own.  Nosey has been going with me but the new neighbors dogs keep her a bit terrified and she wouldn’t come out from underneath the house.

Poor puppy.  😦

They both missed the pretty flowers.

And, we Texans love our state and our flag and will take any object that stands still very long and paint it.  To look like our flag.  Oftentimes, it is on tin, such as this.  I think I passed 3 in less than 2 miles.


I think pride in your state in a good thing.

Matter of fact, I passed more flags than I did houses.  At least, houses that had folks living in them.


This house, I crept up to and around and when I got on the porch I found the door open.  So, of course I went inside, because well.  It was OPEN.  I worried briefly about hobos, snakes, skunks, raccoons and bats.  But mostly about snakes.  Amazingly, there were none.  At least, not that I saw.  Don’t tell my husband I went in.  He’d kill me.

But, you gotta wait until next week to go inside.

I’m a teaser like that.

After snooping, I continued on down the road.


It is really pretty……


Hay bales cover pretty much the entire country right now.  Which is a good thing.

I remember 2011 when there was no hay.  It was BAD.


Another abandoned homestead.

Then I reached this turn in the road.


The first, and only other time, I went down this road I took a left here.  Which was really pretty, as you can see.


However, there is a kinda scary looking house and then there are 2 houses with large dogs that tried to eat me and molest Nosey.  In hindsight, maybe THAT is why is didn’t come with me today.  She is smarter than I give her credit for!

So, I went straight instead.  Onto a whole, new path!


On which, there were more old houses, more dirt.


Then, before I knew it, dirt turned to rock and rock into pavement.

Which meant people.

Which means I turn around and head home.


Because people get a little freaked out if you take pictures of like, their yard.

I mean, I GUESS they would.  I never have.



So, one more shot and home again.


Thanks for walking with me today!

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