Meet the Flock-Part One

I want you to meet the flock, my reason for being a ‘wicked chicken’, cause it takes a wicked chicken to protect the whole group.  So over the next few weeks you will get to meet all the girls.  But first of all….top leader, main man, rooster for the ages, lover of hens bantam and standard alike, protector of all and my number one assistant in flock safety…..I’d like to introduce you to Randy.


Check out those spurs!

 Randy was supposed to be an Amercauna hen.  He isn’t.  Randy is now over 3 years and only 1 of 3 left out of my first flock.

I adore him.

As I stated before he is a brilliant lover…


However since chicken ‘love’ only takes about 5 seconds he has plenty of time to spend with each hen scratching about for a bit of this or a bite of that…


He even has enough time to hop about various furnishings to ensure we all see and know his magnificence.


Bonus points if you can spy the turkey!

But what I love about Randy the most is the dedication and obvious affection he holds for the 2 hens he has been ‘married’ to since I brought them home as chicks together.  These 3 have been together thru thick and thin, hell and heaven, good and bad and the love he has for them is apparent each night as they go to roost.


Now I know this doesn’t look exactly comfortable to us nor is it okay to have multiple wives but for Randy it works.  And this is how he shows his undying affection, dedication and love.

And for this, I love him back.



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