Digging ‘Taters

As you may have seen in previous posts, weeding isn’t my strong point. However I can do one thing, I can grow some pretty ‘taters! Potatoes are, without a doubt, my favorite veggie to grow. You plant them on Valentine’s Day, a perfectly romantic thing to do, then dig’em up around Memorial Day, just in time for a cookout! Harvesting them is like a little treasure hunt, you never know exactly what is hiding under the earth.


I always plant 2 kinds, Red LaSoda…..


….and Yukon Gold.

Yukon Gold is my most favorite, ever.  It is the color of pale butter on the inside and has a lovely flavor.


They come on all shapes and sizes….


Adorable.  Baby Potato.


Mama Potato.


Family of Potatoes!

I would have probably ended up with a better harvest than this but the turkeys who live by our house ate most of the tops off each potato plant and were scratching incessantly.  I figured I better save them.


My assistant potato harvester, she works for food.

Food like this….


Roasted potatoes fresh from the earth, now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!  See the Yukon Gold, how bright and buttery they are?  I’ll pick them out just like a kid will dig thru a bag of Ranch Doritos for the one with the most ‘stuff’ on it.  Or maybe that’s just me.

You have to get’em quick before someone else beats you to it!

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