Wicked Wednesday Walks

When I decided to start blogging one of the many pieces of advice I read was be sure and stay active. Since I don’t want to end up like my chickens with an extremely fluffy bottom, I’ve attempted to take this advice to heart. I used to be a runner. I ran about 40 minutes a day almost every day for 4 years. Then I had a baby. Then I had a bakery. Then I started blogging.

Babies, Bakeries and Blogging will make you fat and fluffy. My baby is now almost six, I only bake part time and I just started blogging.


So I decided that I need to start running again. But in order to run you must first walk. And I love walking. And I am off work from my ‘real job’ on Wednesdays. So I have decided on Wednesday I shall walk, I shall tote my camera and I shall share my walk with you each week. Of course I plan on walking other days too but on Wednesday I can slow down, take my time and soak up being alone for an hour. So we begin, here is my Wicked Walk from Wednesday June 11, 2014.

Moss on the bridge.

Moss on the bridge.

Thanks for the directions Mr. Tree...

Thanks for the directions Mr. Tree…



Oak tree reflection in a mud puddle.


Nosey in the reflection puddle.


“I’m not gonna get wet Mama” Nosey states but her expression says otherwise….


“I’m sorry Mama, I couldn’t help it”


Fallen blossom.

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