After YEARS of thinking about my future orchard, planning the rows, moving it in my mind a thousand times I finally ordered myself 20-something trees and bushes. Not expecting to harvest anything the first year I was pleasantly surprised when little blueberries started popping up all over my newly acquired bushes.

Then, just last week I look and…..

My very first fruit!

My very first fruit!

I was beyond excited which I think is totally understandable.  Then I went to my other bush and……


….an abundance of berries!  Okay, maybe ‘abundance’ is stretching it a bit.  But there were more than one or two or three or four!  My third bush.  Well.  Lets just say it was smaller than the others and my husband ran over it with the lawn mower.  Twice.  My next investment will be bright pink flags.  Although I didn’t really want bright pink flags all over the place, kinda ruins the whole ‘peaceful, quaint’ orchard look I was going for.  Oh well.

Addie soon joined me.


So very soon all the ripe blueberries were plucked and safely tucked inside her tummy.


And that is why I planted them.  Enjoy Addie.  I’ve heard they are really good for your skin and when you are my age you will understand how important this is.

As a matter of fact, save the next ones for me, will ya’?


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