Wicked Walk 4/19/2016

Ever have a good cloud day?  A day when the skies are blue, the trees are a bright, tender green and the clouds, giant and fluffy beyond compare?  The kind of fluffy-puffy that soars miles high yet has a perfectly flat bottom?

This was a good cloud day.  I was amazed by them while driving into town.  But considering I was running late and taking cloud pictures whilst thundering down a farm-to-market road at 65 mph is frowned upon……you will just have to take my word for it.

However, after a very full day of flower bed cleaning, fire ant fighting, homeschool lessons, massive box relocation, garage sale prep and life in general….I managed a few shots just before sunset.

Here is what I saw.

walk pasture

 You can kinda see the clouds here, but it does not come close to doing them justice.

walk pasture horses

The horses couldn’t care less about the clouds.
walk weed
An adorable, fluffy-puffy weed. I think that’s going to be my new phrase “fluffy-puffy”. It’s kinda self-describing. Ha!
walk weed
“Make a wish!”

“I wish I wasn’t so fluffy-puffy.”

insert awkward silence.

“Oh look, a baby tree!”

walk tree
I kinda have this thing for baby trees. I want to dig them up and pot them and hoard them and pet them and love them and name them.
Well. This one anyway. It better watch out!
walk weed
Sour Dot! Do you have Sour Dot weeds where you are from? I’m not sure what their ‘real’ name is but we always called them Sour Dot. And you can pick them and chew the stem, which is very…….you guessed it! SOUR!
Gosh, I’m just a real comedian today.

A & M blackberries blooming, my ONLY peach, native blackberries ripening, and some really, REALLY old kale.
Also, check this out. This is last years begonia.

walk flower

I discovered it and several others while raking out the flowers beds today. They made it all winter. Which means we really didn’t have a winter. Which means the bugs are bad. But the bugs are always bad. I’m not sure what the point was but I’m not gonna have to buy begonias and this is a good thing.

Thanks for rambling and walking with me today!

Love ya’!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/19/2016

  1. It’s interesting to talk to people from all areas of the world which I had a chance to do while working at Disney and hear them talk of adventures they had as children! My entire childhood was spent exploring, building, climbing, tasting & even smoking many things that another kid pointed out or one of my parents told me they experienced growing up! We chewed a bitter weed that doesn’t look like yours but it was kinda like a cheap way to enjoy the sour things that are sold in a store for kids now! We smoked a weed caused rabbit tobacco too which my mother would of skinned my scrawny butt for doing but oh the fun we had! I love your walks as you explore so much of God’s great creation and tell about it in terms that are enjoyable! I love clouds too! My 92 year old mother in law enjoys describing clouds that look like “things” as she travels with us! I enjoy hearing her act like a kid again as a lot of us remember doing while laying on our backs in a field of grass just being silly kids! Keep walking Rachel! Do you have a magic potion for fire ants? I think the stuff I use makes them go into super reproduction mode!


    • Haha, super reproduction is right. However, if you can find a can of 75 to 99 percent strength acephate at your feed or garden store, if the best I’ve found. It’s a white powder that smells like rotten cabbage and it kills them quite dead. Your mother sounds like a cool lady, Addie and I love to identify clouds as shapes and things too. I love how what may be a whale one minute is a bird or a house the next. Ever changing! 🙂


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