Wicked Walk 10/7/2015

Having been in the wilderness for over a week, I had lost track of the days.  Realizing on my evening hunt that it was, in fact, Wednesday, I began snapping pictures from my perch.

Here is what I saw.

walk wy field This is the view to my left, see my shadow?
walk wy forest
View to my right…….
walk wy peak
And behind me.
walk wy field
The river below wound thru the valley like a skinny, blue snake.
walk wy forest
Close up, the burn I mentioned last week was much more obvious.
walk wy plant

This fluffy little bush is thriving.
And LOOK IT! I found a 5-point elk shed!
walk wy elk shed
I was super-excited!
walk wy plant
I was running out of things to photograph and since I was hunting I couldn’t really move or walk anywhere until it was time to go back to the horses.
walk wy sunset
Max, my mount for the day, was underwhelmed.
walk wy horse
“Let’s go back to camp Max”
Thanks for hunting and walking with me today!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 10/7/2015

  1. Are you sure you didn’t see Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Clint Eastwood or another movie cowboy or their ghost strolling through that valley by the river? Looks like a beautiful setting for a movie! Envy is overtaking me!

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