Wicked Walk

Wednesday July 2nd was hot, humid and filled with an unholy number of mosquitos. And I had a blister. So my walk was short this week, I circled the woods behind my chicken pen.
Here is what I saw.

vine vine

I love how this vine thing, looks like something from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

I kept waiting for it to eat me.

Same tree, much less hungry vine.

Then I saw a feather covered in dew…..

feather thorn

…And a scary thorny bush.

I thought briefly of walking to the creek, then I saw how tall the grass was…

fence lineSo I just took a picture of the fence line instead.

Then I saw a butterfly in the Bahia grass.

And some awesome orange mushrooms!  I love mushrooms.  I love seeing them, taking their picture, sautéing them in lots of butter and lovingly arranging them on steak….

mushroom mushroom

Part of a fallen pine tree caught my eye..



The trail thru the woods above.  And of course I can’t seem to go anywhere without taking pictures of spider webs.


And that, as they say, is all folks!

Sorry it was so short, I promise next week I’ll actually leave our front 5 acres!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk

  1. Great post! I had chanterelles (girlies) last evening with scrambled eggs. They are one of my favorite mushrooms. Oh and that tree with the red spikes looks meannnnnnn!


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