Meet the Flock-Part Six

Ameraucanas have a special place in my heart. Of the first 20-something chicks I bought over 3 years ago there are only 3 left and they are all Ameraucanas. Some folks like to call them ‘Easter-Eggers’ for the blue and green tinted eggs they lay. I have found they are excellent layers and obviously hardy and intelligent to have made it this long. So when I was trying to choose my replacement chicks this year I made it a point to get a few more of these sweet birds. I ended up with 3, 2 browns and a white. I’ve never seen a white one before and thought she deserved her own post!


This particular breed of chicken has a very smooth, stream-lined appearance.


They are old souls I think, never very playful.


I’ve always kind of been an old soul too, maybe that is why we get along so well.

"Hi Mama"

“Hi Mama”

She always has this thoughtful, serious look about her.

She always has this thoughtful, serious look about her.

See those muffs!?

See those muffs!?

I love a muffed chicken! Not to be confused with a miffed chicken. Those are not so cool. I should know, I’ve been pecked by a miffed chicken more than once. Come to think of it I have been pecked by a miffed, muffed chicken. Miff-Muff! Stuff and Fluff! Now I’ve got Winnie-the-Pooh on the brain. Oh, bother!

5 thoughts on “Meet the Flock-Part Six

  1. She’s a beautiful bird, Rachel! Lovely… I wanted some, but they are hard to come by. Our local breeder said she had so many mortalities that she gave up on trying to raise them. I think there’s some kind of genetic thing going on… at any rate, she did not get the mix right and was losing whole clutches. 😦 What’s your secret?


    • Aww, thank you! They are sweet birds. And that is a shame about the breeder, poor thing. I don’t really have a secret. I order all my birds from a hatchery about 3 hours from here and they send them in the mail. The post man delivers them right to the store where I work. They are a day or two old when I get them and I think they give them a shot of some kind before they leave the hatchery to boost their immune system. I’ve never tried to hatch any birds but do have a hen sitting on about a dozen green eggs right now. Due to hatch any day!


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