Four Eyes

Some people have really strict moms.  “No you may not stay out until 9:01, 9:00 sharp or you are GROUNDED young lady!”  Some people have super over-protective moms.  “No Susie, you may not push the button on the elevator without protective gear, you don’t know WHO has pressed that button or WHERE their hands have been.” Some people have moms that don’t care what their kids do.  “Bobby is going scuba diving with sharks?  Sure you can go.  Have fun!”   Some people have moms that turn into grandmothers that send home their granddaughters like this….


With an extra set of eyeballs tattooed on their forehead.

This would be my mom.


“Just call me four eyes” was Addie’s mantra for 10 days.

That is how long it takes eyeballs tattooed on foreheads to wear off.

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t washing her face at night in an effort to preserve her four-eyed’ness.


Oh well.  At least she isn’t swimming with the sharks.

Happy birthday Addie, may you always be happy no matter how many eyeballs you have on your forehead.

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