Chillin’ on a Dirt Road

dirtI don’t listen to a lot of ‘new’ country music but the popular Jason Aldean song popped into my head when I spied this pill bug, just chillin’ on our dirt road.  Which was freshly graded and smooth for about 6 hours.  Then someone drove on it.  Then it rained.  But for a few precious hours the road was smooth.  This made both the pill bug and me happy.  We were chillin’ together….only he couldn’t take my picture.  So I took his.  Twice.


I must admit, when it comes to having a clean car and non-dusty shrubs I sometimes wish we had a paved road.

However, paved roads have not the character found here.


Just look at the color……


The texture!


It never ceases to amaze me how much the ground changes in a matter of feet.  From fluffy, finely ground powder, to rocky red clay to slick black and smooth…it can all change in a few paces.


This is all really cool on the road.  In my garden it presents a real problem.


See what I mean?


Red, Red BLACK!

Yes.  I had a lot of time on my hands today.



7 thoughts on “Chillin’ on a Dirt Road

  1. Cool pictures. As a kid we lived on a dirt road but it got tarred & chipped, but I do remember playing with bugs and riding my bike through the mud and getting covered. The dust was unreal! Pill bugs are so cool… I thought I was the only one that took pictures of them 🙂


    • You are not alone my friend! I adore pill bugs. When I was little I ‘saved’ them all the time at my grandparents house. They had concrete and the pill bugs would be in the cracks, I’d collect them for hours. And thankfully, the dust hasn’t been very bad this year, last year was horrid! 🙂


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