Wicked Walk

In spite of the forecast predicting a killer heat wave Wednesday July 23rd, the early morning hours were quite pleasant.  I took a different route this week and headed east instead of west as I left my driveway.  I saw TWO humans who both spoke to me which means I had to speak back.  I had TWO cars pass me and the neighbors dogs barked up a storm then their jackass brayed so loudly I think I lost 2 years of my life.  So, in conclusion.  West is better than east.  WAY better.

Still, it was a beautiful morning.

Here is what I saw.

walk dog

Nosey, my dog, was the first thing I saw.  She sat down about 20 steps into the walk.  Then went back home.

walk tree

The tree tops at 7:10 a.m.


The waves in the sand on the roadside is evidence of the lovely rain we have been gifted with.

walk creek

Our creek as seen from the wooden bridge.

walk spider

SPIDER!  She was madly trying the repair the previous evenings damages.

These are the neighbors horses, not pictured is the jackass.  And the dogs.  It  wasn’t as serene as the picture makes it appear.  I can’t stand noise.  I think I was meant to be a hermit.  Or a hobbit.  Come to think of it, considering my shoe size maybe I AM part hobbit!  “Mom, is there something you aren’t telling me????”  Wait, my feet aren’t hairy.  And I’m like 5 foot 7, not nearly short enough to be a hobbit.  Whew.

walk horse

Moving right along……

fungi walk

So lovely and oh-so-silent fungi.

house walk

A house, also lovely and silent.  Silent houses however, make me a little sad.  Houses should be lived in and enjoyed.

flower walk

Sunflower!  Isn’t it lovely?  It belongs to my neighbor.   I planted sunflowers year before last.  I planted sunflowers last year.  I planted sunflowers this year.  They all went the way of the cucumbers, green beans and 4 out of 6 eggplants.

They died.

road walk

Back on a quiet road.  Thank heavens.

sign walk
This sign belongs to my neighbor who obviously does pottery. He is also on the volunteer fire department and the water board. He makes me tired.
spider web walkSpider Web!
house walkAnother house soaking up silence…..


“Hi everyone!  This is me waving at you!  Thank you for reading my blog!  I love ya’!”

I really do.  🙂


How cool are these?  I love them too.  But not as much as you.

field walk

What should be a hay field.  Only its more like a field since they haven’t cut hay on it in at least 3 years.

They still have some left….

hay walk

It has a respectable amount of blackberry vines and sweetgum trees growing on and around it now.

spider web

Another one.  I think I may have a problem.

flower walk

Pretty flowers.

Now here is my favorite picture from the walk and wouldn’t you know, I took it about 5 steps from where I began.  Funny how sometimes you pass up the best things only to realize in the end, they were right there all along.

flower walk

Thanks for coming with me today.  Next week, we go back west.  Promise.

10 thoughts on “Wicked Walk

  1. I rather like your walk east and glad to see that someone else has a dog who decides their walk is more interesting than yours even if Nosey did go straight back home (mine shoots off after rabbits). Is the silent house lived in or empty?


    • Glad you enjoyed the walk! Yes, Nosey is a unreliable walking partner, haha! The silent houses are both family homes that are no longer lived in. The kids and grandkids come and spend weekends in them a few times a year.


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