Green Beans

Fresh green beans are a thing of beauty.


I planted a row of green beans this spring.

I must confess, the above pictured beans didn’t come from my plants.  No indeed.


See the little brown, dead plant?  Yeah.

So thankfully I have good friends who are much better at bean growing than I.  They gifted me with an entire bag of beans.  Thank you Jani and Kyle.


I snipped the ends off each pod and threw’em in a pot, covered them with water and added some salt and pepper.


At this point I need to get them boiling so I turn up the heat and reach for the lid.  But the lid isn’t there.  The lid is never there.   Yet I always reach for it like the lid fairy magically put it within an arms length.  I guess the fairy got lost.  She gets lost a lot.  As a matter of fact this is what Addie told her Sunday School teacher last Sunday when I was a little late picking her up for big church.  “She gets lost a lot”.  Thanks Addie, now Mr. Robbins thinks I am daft.  Oh well, maybe I am a bit.

So I grab another lid.


The beans don’t care if they get cooked in a mismatched pot/pan combo.  However this bothers me.  But I get over it and go to wash dishes and I move the canning pot top which is the size of Switzerland.  Under it was the correct lid!  Hallelujah!


Much better.  I feel better now.  With the correct lid things progress nicely and soon I test a bean.  It was tender, tasty and perfect.  Speaking of eating beans…I can’t eat beans without thinking about my brother who always sang the bean song.  You know the song….. “beans, beans they’re good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart…” Which is really funny if you are an 8 year old boy.  I thought it was disgusting.  He thought it was the best song EVER and made up a million verses.  He sang it when he was 8.  He sang it when he was 9.  He sang it when he was 10.  He sang it no matter if there were beans on the menu or not.  I’m not sure if he stopped singing it or I moved out.  For all I know he is singing it today.  Boys.

Back to the beans.


So I grab a colander and drain the water….


Throw those babies in a baking dish, add a little more salt and pepper and of course some butter for good measure.


I taste-tested a few more then off they went to a church luncheon.  I went with them of course.  I did not however sing the song.

And maybe next year I’ll have some beans of my own.

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