Curious George goes to Tomato Fest

My child, who is 6 years old, carries with her a serious love of Curious George.  They share many of the same qualities and are both, of course, adorable.  However unlike George the Monkey, I can take Addie the Human, pretty much anywhere and not worry about her getting into trouble.  Considering this fact and the fact that I work downtown and the 30th annual Jacksonville Tomato Fest was also downtown and Addie was with me at work downtown the day of the Fest…..well.  We had to go.  So we went.  And it was fun.  Until I realized with a mild sense of horror that I am OLDER than the Jacksonville Tomato Fest.  Albeit not MUCH older but still….when you realize you are older than the largest annual town celebration….I’d rather not think about it.  Anyway, after work a few Saturdays ago we struck out on foot towards the Tomato Bowl, the football stadium, which (you guessed it!) is also downtown.  The following are photos from our Festival Foray, enjoy!  And next June, if you find yourself in deep East Texas, come on by and see us, I’m sure we will be downtown!

Hope to see you there sometime!

4 thoughts on “Curious George goes to Tomato Fest

  1. Up this way, Pumpkin Festival is my absolute favorite annual festival. Though, a neighboring town does hold a “Turkey Testicle Festival,” which sounds like it could be something, but I’ve never gotten up the courage to go.


    • Thanks, she did and I managed to get away with only buying a root beer and a book (about chickens no less!) in spite of the fact the turtle pets were seemingly contracted to woo her into begging for one…..thank GOD we didn’t have to buy a turtle pet!


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