Wicked Walk

Attention everyone!   I would like to place an order in advance for next years summer to be exactly like this years summer.  We had our third cool front of July this week and another one is on the way to usher in August.  This combined with abundant rainfall-perfect summer.  My walk July 30th was a dream.

Here is what I saw.


Mr. Bill lost the lens out of his glasses 2 weeks ago while swatting a fly.  I found it.

walk trainI also found the train tracks.  While taking this picture I laid in the middle of the road on my belly.  Thank goodness I have no near neighbors and no one drove around, by or over me.  Don’t tell anyone I lay in the road, okay?  Thanks.

walk vine

What struck me about this vine is the great amount of strength it takes to hold oneself erect and sideways.  If I was a vine I’d be a droopy one.

walk moss
So, I probably couldn’t make it as a vine. I’d be more like this patch of moss with the crazy ‘do’ attempting to avoid the sun.

Definitely me.

walk barn

This old barn is barely visible from the road, I plan on exploring it this winter when all the snakes are comatose.

walk fern

Fern.  I love ferns.  Did you ever see that movie ‘Fern Gully’?  It freaked me out.  Unlike this fern which I find quite friendly, non-threatening and without scary hidden ooze and chemical waste.

walk mushroom


walk vine

Another great example of turgor pressure.

walk fungi

Decomposition looks so pretty when covered in fungi.

walk rock

Now, nothing about this picture is really special.  BUT I was looking at all those rocks (they are on a steep hillside) and I thought how cool would it be if we had a ton of Lego men or army men and they could have an epic adventure, like on Mars or something.  You could make that last for DAYS.

walk sign

Maybe I spend to much time in the forest.

walk wood

Fuzzy knot hole.

walk wood

Focused knot hole.

walk flower

“You can call me Flower if ya’ want too”

walk mushroom

The biggest mushroom I’ve seen in ages.

Now, who can tell me what is missing in the following picture?  Anyone?

walk dog train


Old Glory, a baby Redbud tree and some weeds.

walk bird

This pretty bird was hanging out on the fence when I got home, probably waiting for me to take some scratch to the chickens.  Crumb Snatcher.

Thanks for coming along today!

Have you figured out what is missing yet?  And it isn’t a spider web picture.  Amazingly, not a single web caught my eye this week.. Maybe I don’t need counseling  after all……

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