Meet the Flock ~ Part Nine

Fun, Funky, Cool and Colorful are just a few things I look for when adding to my flock.  Of course they also need to produce eggs, be fairly gentle and reasonably intelligent.  Enter Cream Brabanters!


“Hi Mama!”


Aren’t they cute?  I love their fruff-ties.

That is my word.


And when they run, they stick their necks WAY out in front, crouch slightly and take off like little 747’s.

When I figure out how to take videos and post them I’ll show you.  But don’t hold your breath.  I can barely manage posting pictures.


Here below you can see them both at once!  Blurry Brabanter and Focused Brabanter.


I’m pretty sure this is what my hair looked like last Sunday.

Oh well, at least I don’t have a beard.


They are so bright-eyed and cheery!



Glad you got to see my darlings, up next I’ll be featuring my only “Mystery Chicken” stay tuned….

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