Wicked Walk

I have a confession to make.  Wednesday August 20th I walked.  To my chicken pen.  And took over 300 pictures of my chickens while attempting to covert them into Southern Baptists.  Not sure if it worked….more on that Friday!  And since I figured walking to my chicken pen didn’t qualify as “A Walk”, much as I tried to convince myself to the contrary, I took another walk on Saturday to make up for my laziness.  Please forgive me, it was very hot and I was very tired and since chickens are not easily converted, well.  I just didn’t have it in me.

Thanks, I knew you would understand.

Here is what I saw.

On Saturday.  Not Wednesday.

pawpaw's walk

Since I walked on Saturday, not Wednesday like I am supposed to (I feel really bad about that by the way) I walked at my grandfathers farm.  It was his 91st birthday and we all gathered to celebrate!

cow walk

This is a cow.

cow walk

This a steer who also happened to be a birthday gift to my grandfather.  Only it wasn’t from me because I’m broke.  I gave him a card I colored because all the cards in the store are stupid.  I also gave him a jar of Blackberry-Peach Jam I made.

Which isn’t nearly as cool as a longhorn steer.

paint brush walk

I snuck in the barn, well not really.  It was 2:30 in the afternoon.

My grandfather made a living as a painter and does woodwork as a hobby.

wood walk

He also cuts a ridiculous amount of firewood so my grandmother can get the hearth blazing anytime the temp drops below 82 degrees.

I’m just kidding!


wood walk

I took the liberty of sitting on his tractor.  Mainly because it was 2:30 on Saturday afternoon in Texas in August and the tractor was in the shade.  Did I mention it was Saturday?

walk tractor

He has a much newer ‘cooler’ tractor but I like this one best.

Reluctantly leaving the shade I went thru 2 gates……

walk gate

….and into another pasture.  Doesn’t this gate latch look just like Pacman?!?  I wonder how many points chains are worth?

trees walk

There are lots of pine trees…..

pine tree walk

I like pine trees.

mushrooms walk

And I like mushrooms.  But you already knew that!  🙂

pasture walk

A lonely looking salt-mineral feeder.

mineral feeder walk

See all that salt?  I put there.  With my granddad.  And I am 31 and he is 91 and I think that is awesome.

pine tree walk

Lone pine tree.

pine cone walk

With lots of new, green cones…..

pine cone walk

….and old, gray cones.

I then made my way off the hill and down to the pond taking a great deal of care with foot placement since a Copperhead snake was recently annihilated by my uncle near said property.

pond walk

See how ‘snaky’ it looks!

pond walk

I love this pond.  Only I got a leech on me one time.  I loved it better from the shore from that time on.

pond walk

Cypress trees knees!

Say that 3 times fast!

pond walk

Ahem.  Moving on.

dragon fly walk

Dragonfly!  I guess the summer heat was getting to this guy too, they almost never stay still long enough for me to get a clear shot.

With my camera.  I don’t actually ‘shoot’ dragonflies.  That would be difficult, pointless and a waste of ammunition.

pond walk

Pond number two.  Which I didn’t walk down to because if I walked DOWN to it I’d have to walk back UP to the house.

And it was Saturday in Texas in August.

pasture walk

I love my childhood home……

gate pasture walk

And was very glad to get back to the shade and the gate!

barn walk

Thanks for joining me today on my little trip to the fields of my youth, even though it was on a Saturday.

See ya’ soon!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk

  1. Love your grandfathers place. One of the prettiest in the area. I can say that as i grew up on Hooton Holler, and Hooton hill not far from there. Nothing like it.

    Liked by 1 person

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