Wicked Walk 12/24/2014

Christmas eve is a day I love.  Christmas eve is spent at my grandparents, which is where I spent much of my childhood.  I am joined there each December 24th by my aunties, uncles, cousins, my cousins children, my brother, sister, parents and pets of various species.  We visit, cook, laugh, catch up and take a LOT of pictures.  My walk therefore was taken here, kinda like my walk back in August.  A good thing too because I consumed an unholy amount of dressing, rolls and pie.

Here is what I saw.

addies cousinsStarting out I saw my sweet Addie (in the crazy striped stretchy pants) with some of her small second cousins.

Then I saw a beautiful beetle.

bugSadly, he was deceased, however this made it much easier to take his picture.

bugThe oak trees produced a bumper crop of acorns this year, see the evidence below.


So pretty.

I love acorns.

I love moss.

I love acorns lying on moss.

I love this even more though……

treeThis oak tree has stood guard over the hill for longer than I’ve walked this earth.  I hope it is still here long after I am gone.

fieldThe day was so perfect, I walked really slow.  I don’t know if this was an attempt to prolong the beauty of the day or ease the burden of carrying with me recently ingested carbs, starches and sugars………

oak tree fieldNo matter.  I soaked up every second!

black cowMy grandfather doesn’t run as many cows as he used to but he is 91, I guess we can cut him a little slack!

cowsMr. White Bull with his Black Harem.

black cowI love cows.  I love them because they are cute, they are delicious, they produce milk which produces butter and heavy cream.  Butter and Heavy Cream make life better.  And me fatter.  But oh well, that is why I’m walking here people!

cowsMoving on.

I am taking a picture of myself which I think in today’s terms is a ‘selfie’.  I am doing this so you can see my most awesome hat which I borrowed from Pawpaw, my grandfather.  This hat, like that oak tree, is older than I am.  I think it rocks.


oak treeAnd back to the house I went, I think all that sugar was wearing off and someone had mentioned making ice cream earlier……..

Until next time folks!

Have a Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 12/24/2014

  1. Thanks for sharing your walks! They display contentment and beauty! Those cows are as pretty as our Georgia cows! Some of our farmers have the beautiful rolling hills of winter green grass with black cows dotted all over the place! I love that look especially on a misty morning! Thank you and happy new year!

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