Meet the Flock~Part Ten

Normally I am very keen on knowing exactly what breeds I have in my flock.  Not that I’m concerned about genetics, no, any and all chicks that hatch on my little plot are bound to be Heinz 57.  I just like to know so when people come over I can say “Oh, look!  There is my Silver-Laced Polish” or “You have got to see the Golden Laced Wyandotte, she is a beauty!”.  And so on.  And I just like to know, I keep a chicken list of how many of each breed I have which makes them easier to count when I want to do a flock check to make sure none have checked out so to speak.  But I have one, only one, who is a Mystery Chicken.

“pssst! That crazy women with the camera is at it again, better watch it!”
“I’ll just leave”
“Just kidding Mama!”

chicken“Get a picture with me and my much larger friend!”
“Time-Out, a quick preening needed. Avert your eyes people!”
I love how she is so tiny, so fluffy and so sweet! She looks as if she is wearing old-fashioned bloomers every day.
Only an old-fashioned gal wouldn’t show off her derriere in such a way!

I think its kinda cute.

I’ve decided I like having a Mystery Chicken about the place.  So if you know what she is, please don’t tell me!  Otherwise I’ll have to re-do all my lists……


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