Last of the Feathers.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a crazy person who thought pet turkeys would be the most. Awesome. Thing. Ever.

Pet turkeys she acquired.  Awesome they were not.

Here is what it left of the Great Turkey Experiment.

addie feather

A feather.

addie feather

Addie has a thing for feathers.

addie feather

And cameras.  Oh dear.

Addie feather

“Worry not dear Mother!” she says.

addie feather

Raising girls is difficult.  So is raising turkeys.  I prefer little girls to turkeys though.  They are cuter, cleaner, much more articulate and can do things like make their bed and get their own food.  Little girls are also fairly decent at fetching things and can carry on amusing conversations.  Turkeys have none of these attributes.  So thanks for the feathers Turk Turk’s but I’ll be having no more of you on my farm!  I am now and forevermore will be strictly a Chicken Lady.

Cluck Cluck!


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