Wicked Walk 9/24/2014

For the first time in YEARS the first week of fall here in east Texas actually FEELS like the first week of fall!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  I awoke to see a brisk 51 degrees on the back porch thermometer, pulled on some jogging pants, a long-sleeve T, grabbed my camera and headed for the woods.

Here is what I saw.

walk mushroomMushroom!  First of many……

walk train

“Sunshine….on the train tracks….makes me happy…..”

I love John Denver.

walk flower

“Isn’t she lovely…..”

Okay, so that isn’t John Denver, but I like that song to.

walk web

When I first glanced over at this slew I thought there were big, white blossoms everywhere.  Turns out there were a ton of spiders pulling overtime last night.  Normally I would not have ventured into this area but since it was FIFTY-ONE degrees I wasn’t very concerned with snakes.

walk fungi

Fungi growing in the road.  I guess there is a dead stick or something under the dirt since fungi doesn’t grow on sand alone.

walk mushroom

When I am walking I don’t speak out loud as a general rule, not because I’m against speaking out loud I just don’t have anyone to speak to which is fine with me because I prefer walking alone in the woods.  Not because I’m weird or anything.

Ahem.  What was my point?

Oh.  Yes, the mushroom.  When I saw it I said, to no one in particular, “Oh my Gosh, that is AWESOME”.

“Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team, everything is AWESOME!”

Yes, I watched “The Lego Movie”.  You haven’t seen it?  It’s awesome, but only if you were born in late seventies or early eighties.

I was.


walk mushroom

This was even more awesome.  The dirt is still perched atop the cap.  Don’t believe in God?  Please study this mushroom and get back to me on that.

walk horse

I would like a draft horse.  This one belongs to my neighbor.  Well, a friend of the neighbor if you want to get technical about it.

walk forest

  Off the road and into the forest we go…….I walked up on about 6 deer which very effectively freaked them out.  There were whitetail’s and snorts going every direction.  Poor dears.  hehehe, I made a funny.

Get it?  “Poor Dears”.  I should probably just stop and show you the rest of the pictures shouldn’t I?

Yes, that’s what I thought.

walk webwalk mushroomwalk flowerwalk mushroomwalk mushroom

Isn’t this cute?  It looks like someone plopped a Roma tomato on the forest floor.

walk forestwalk forest???????????????????????????????walk fungi

I’ve never seen fungi like this before.  It reminded me of that Muppet, you know the crazy eyed one that played the guitar?

No?  Okay, maybe it is just me.

So at this point I decided to put up my camera and head home since I was back to the road.  I saw an empty plastic bag and decided to pick up trash on the way.  I gathered a bunch of bottles and cans, grabbed a beer box and a full water bottle.  The beer box and bag were in my left hand, the full bottle in my right and my camera was tucked safely behind my back in its case.  Then Nosey saw a deer, she chased the deer and I just kept walking not really thinking about the deer.  As soon as I crossed the railroad tracks I glanced to my right and Mrs. Doe was standing on the edge of the trees.  I froze, tucked the full water bottle under my left arm, slowly removed my camera from its case, gently grabbed the lens cover and removed it with my teeth and zoomed in…….

walk deer

A little closer…..

walk deer

Pretty, isn’t she?

And the proof I was holding all that trash……

walk trashwalk trash

Apparently the people who live on our road sustain life with Natural Light beer, Super-Sized Sonic drinks and Fritos.


Until next week……..thanks for coming along today!  And HAPPY OCTOBER 1st!!!!


9 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 9/24/2014

  1. East texas? I live i Houston, and I have a cousin who lives in Minneola.
    By the way, you have some really great shots. What kind of camera?


      • Oh Cool! and Im not too familiar with the Canon Power Shots but I hear a lot of great things them. I honestly did’t know they were capable of the shots you displayed. I thought you were using a DSLR forsure

        Liked by 1 person

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