Stormy Weather

Addie ran inside at 6:45 this morning “Mom ya’ gotta come see this!  It is SO cool!  And you need to make a blog about it!”  I followed her outside and witnessed an absolutely ominous sky to the north…..

storm sky

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a good storm and this one promised to deliver.  Lightening was already beginning to fall in rapid bursts.

Looking to the south (by simply turning around) I saw a lovely sunrise.  Isn’t weather funny?


However, storm or no storm, I had to go to work.  I couldn’t help but pause at the revival tent in Maydelle to snap a shot though.

storm sky maydelle

By the time I had driven 5 more minutes I found my little Volvo engulfed by a flood of Old Testament proportions.  30 mph was my speed of choice, which was fine since I could appreciate all the impressive lightning bolts with simultaneous thunder for over 10 miles.

If only I had fertilized my food plot yesterday…….

Oh well.


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