Stripe-Stripe and the Melon

I have a Chicken.  I have a Child.  I have a Chicken and a Child who are both dearly loved.  The Child and the Chicken are both consumers of watermelon.  See the evidence below….

chicken Addie

People often tell me that Addie needs a little brother or sister otherwise she will never learn how to share.  I say to them, we have Stripe-Stripe.  And Stripe-Stripe is all we need….

chicken Addie

No watermelon hoarding going on in this barn, no sir!  We take turns in this neck of the woods!


Don’t worry though, Addie ate her portion first….we try and minimize the lip-to-beak contact as much as possible.  Not saying it never happens…… know how it is.

chicken Addie

See, Addie even shares her BIKE with Stripe-Stripe.

More babies?  Not for this Wicked Chicken!  We share beautifully, thank you very much!

11 thoughts on “Stripe-Stripe and the Melon

  1. Bless their little cotton socks! Stripe-Stripe is GORGEOUS! And you know your little doll baby is just precious. As for the lip to beak contact… I hear ya. I can’t honestly say I never kissed my Dusty Dustball square on her nose holes. Yes. I have. I think she likes it. She squishes up her eyes and makes happy chickeny sounds. Or maybe she just needs to poop. 🙂 Love this post!! xxx Mother Hen


      • Dustball is pronounced in a Brooklyn accent as well… Dusty Dustbwoll. Don’t ask me why. I’m weird like that, I guess… 🙂 She’s a proper pet, though, and a diva. She knows she’s a cut above the rest of the flock. Snagged a prawn right out from under the cockerel’s beak the other day and he was all like, “Whoah! Sorry, ma’am… didn’t know it was like that…” backing away slowly… haha! Maybe it’s her tough chickeny accent…

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