The circus came to town and I took Addie, admittedly pretty excited myself since I haven’t been to a circus in the neighborhood of 26 years.  Heavens.  I must confess, I found it really depressing.  The animals all seemed well-taken care of and treated with respect but still, it was the most Depressing. Thing. Ever.  The tigers were first up.  These awesome, beautiful creatures should be gnawing some antelope for dinner.  Swimming thru croc-infested  waters to attack a hippo.  Lying in wait to ambush a gazelle.  Anywhere other than here.  It was humiliating.

circuscircusI know perfectly well that in the wild they suffer from poachers, loss of habitat and a million other bad things.  We live in a fallen world and this is one of the side effects and it just makes me sad.

This also made me sad.


These two drinks were 10.00.  That is more than most people make in an hour.  And they weren’t very good.


I felt like he was laughing at me “hahaha, you spent TEN dollars!”  I don’t like clowns.  I mean it, I REALLY don’t like clowns.  When I was little my grandfather gave me a clown lamp as a gift.  I couldn’t sleep that night and my mother had to take it out of the house.  The “It” movie poster still terrifies me.  Quite frankly this guy kinda terrifies me.


This fellow was pretty impressive though.  If I tried this I would die.


She is impressive as well.  And I like her outfit.


I think this women is supposed to be a human slinky.  Not sure what the outfit is all about…….  Again, she has something I do not, actually two things, the first one is her wicked hula-hoop skills.   I never manged to keep 1 hula-hoop up in the air, much less 26.  You go girl.

  I’ll let you guess what the second things is……


Then we got to the elephant ride.  This was also depressing.


Remarkably I found this neither terrifying, depressing or odd.  I kinda liked this old fellow.

In conclusion, while I know these people work hard, the animals seem to be well-card for and the kids LOVED it… circus going days are thru.

My chickens are circus enough for me!

4 thoughts on “Circus

  1. How odd! I went to a circus today as well.. took my eldest grandson. I’ll blog about it later, but there were no animals etc… It was really just aerial performers and acrobats and clowns. But I had a surprisingly good time! Mind, even though it was at the school, there was a wine and beer tent. Gotta love the English… hahaha! 🙂 Glad you had a lovely day out with your little’un. 🙂


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