Hot Breakfast on the Mountain

As y’all know, my darling family and I are in hot pursuit of a bull elk at this moment.  Prior to leaving for Colorful Colorado I prepare by making and freezing large amounts of food.  Cooking in a Dutch oven over an open fire, while romantic, is not exactly practical.  Last year I manged to burn biscuits and procure an inedible peach cobbler.  Anyway, I’ve found making ahead and freezing to be best.  And nothing is better on a frigid mountain morning than hot coffee and a hot breakfast.  Enter Breakfast Burritos.  I’m not sure how many eggs I used nor how many pounds of deer sausage.  The egg count died around number 27 and I know there were at least 2 pounds of sausage simmering in The Skillet.  The Skillet.  The Skillet was a gift from a fellow elk hunter.  It is roughly the size of Mississippi and takes a forklift to move.  But Lawd Almighty, you can cook some food now!  It has become my official Burrito making skillet.


I begin by browning the sausage then adding some diced tomatoes, onions and seasoning.  And yes, I know my stove is dirty.  I’ve been busy.

Next I crack somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 dozen eggs….


I sure am glad the girls kicked it in gear a few weeks ago……

Whisk with a little mayo and into The Skillet they go.


Stir around until the eggs are done.


These aren’t done.  It takes several minutes.


Ta Da!  Ready to assemble!  Cheddar cheese, flour tortillas, plastic wrap and aluminum foil are what you need.


Stuff the burrito adding the cheese on top….


Wrap it tightly in the plastic wrap,…..


Followed by the foil…..


Be sure and crimp the ends so no plastic wrap is exposed.  Nothing like burning plastic to ruin a mountain morning as well as your breakfast.


Perfect.  Now repeat around 30 times…..


Freeze those babies and you are ready to go!

You can heat them on top of a wood-burning stove (which is what we do) or you can pop them in the oven a few minutes and have a nice, hot breakfast to-go!

Just don’t burn yourself, okay?


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