When does a stump become a topless tree?  Is it 6 inches, 12 inches, 2 feet?  Is there some magic, official “stump number” used to determine if the wood qualifies?  I was contemplating this while deer hunting Sunday morning, I found myself seated on an old railroad cross tie behind a dead Sweetgum tree in the forest.  Only I THOUGHT it was a Sweetgum tree, after an hour in its company I glanced up only to find it ended about a foot past my head!  Top completely missing.  So I ask you this, was I sitting behind a dead stump OR a dead topless tree?

I am still not sure.  I did figure out one thing though, if given the choice between a pet Unicorn and a pet Pegasus, I’d take the Pegasus hands down.  Unicorns are cool and all BUT Pegasus can FLY.

You sure can figure out a lot things while sitting for hours in the woods alone.

By the way, I saw some deer too.

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