Wicked Walk 11/19/2014

I like to make all my dressing for Thanksgiving ahead of time because it freezes beautifully and reduces stress on the actual day.  Just pop in the oven and bake!  So I was running a bit short on time when I went to walk, my sister and Addie joined me today.  We have an acre of land across the road from our main plot so we decided to explore it.

Here is what we saw.

walk tree

Dogwood tree at the end of our driveway…..


Curly vines.

We crossed back over the road and crawled under the gate to explore some more…

walk rita

I love exploring, even if it is only an extension of my yard……


Then we rounded the bend, walked up behind the chicken pen and let my darlings out!

walk chickenwalk chickenwalk chicken

They were SO happy!  This is their absolute favorite time of the day.  One of mine too as a matter of fact!

Sorry it was so short today but the kitchen was screaming my name……

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, see you soon!

Love ya’.


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