Wicked Walk 11/26/2014

My morning was spent delivering pies, cakes and cornbread dressing.  People really are nice to you when you have pies, cakes and cornbread dressing.

My afternoon was spent in the forest and it was a perfect day for strolling along and soaking up some sunshine.

Here is what I saw.

walkI’m not sure what this was back in the summer but I like it’s gray fluffiness and brown pods…..

I am glad there is still some color left to be found.

walk roadThere are also still puddles to be found……

And water to be shaken off.

walk roadThe road not taken.  Except by me and maybe two other people.

So I guess that makes it the road not taken very often.

Nevermind.  Who can spot the lizard?

Bless its heart, he kept going around the tree in circles and getting in the most awkward positions trying to thwart my photography efforts.  He was fairly successful, I never got a really great shot.

walk treeA canopy of leaves….

If I ever get to build a house I want floors the color of this pine cone piece.  Look at the deep, yummy, rich brown color!

walk forest I am so glad the seasons are not all the same.

Check out this Daddy Long-Legs spider!

walk spiderHe didn’t want his photo taken either.

Time to head back home…….

walk forestI had to stop and get one more picture of this white, fuzzy wonder.

walkI love it.

walk grassMarsh Grass!

walk tree moonThe moon is a perfect crescent which makes me think of rolls which makes me think of Thanksgiving which makes me wish I had some leftovers.

Oh well.  I don’t need any extra carbs anyway.

Thanks for walking with me today!  Until next time……

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