Wicked Walk 12/17/2014

As I pen this post I find it hard to believe that one week from now you will be reading this and it will be Christmas eve!  I also find it hard to believe that on this very wicked walk I got completely and totally lost.  Now I KNEW where I was in the sense that I was aware my house was less than a mile away and the property I was on belonged to one of two possible people.  However I was so distracted by mushrooms and bugs I somehow wandered off the trail I was following and ended up traipsing thru brush, around vines, up and down hills, over rocks and alongside a creek.  I kept going left thinking I’d end up back at the train tracks.  I didn’t.  It took me TWO hours to get home.  So if you see my mug shot on someones game camera…..well.  I’m sorry.  I really didn’t mean to tramp thru your food plot.  I was just trying to find my way home.  Addie told me next time I should leave a trail of rocks so I could find my way back.  She may be right.

And since I was gone for TWO hours there are a lot of pictures.  I’ve put most of them in a gallery so you can see them faster.  🙂

Here is what I saw.

These, I thought, were particularly great.

A mushroom a bit past its prime.

A mushroom a bit past its prime.

walk mushroom

Butterfly.  Or an orange hiney.  I gues it depends on how you look at life.

Butterfly. Or an orange hiney. I guess  it depends on how you look at life.

walk mushroomAll of the sudden I spied a tiny, bright orange speck.  I thought it was yet another mushroom but then it produced legs and moved!

After doing a bit of research I BELIEVE this is a Giant Red Velvet Mite.  They are 100 times bigger than a normal mite!

I have also decided to blame this tiny bug for my getting lost.  After I left him I wanted to go home.  I  headed promptly in the wrong direction.

And now, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Wherever your travels lead you this holiday I pray you stay warm, don’t get lost and have lots of fun making good memories.

Merry Christmas y’all!

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