Wicked Walk 12/31/2014

The last day of 2014 was cold, wet and just plain miserable for all intents and purposes.  Except for reading on the sofa, which is how I spent most of the day.  I read “Water for Elephants” for the second time.  Then I started “All Creatures Great and Small” for the fourth time.   James Herriot never fails to make me laugh, smile and cry.  A great advantage to having a poor memory is being able to read the same books over and over again and they are like brand new!  The point is, my walk was very brief because the weather was perfectly dreadful.

Here is what I saw.

walk chickenBon Jovi, thrilled to be outside in spite of the awfulness.  He and several of his cronies decided to join me for a short while.

walk chickenwalk chicken

Does he not have the coolest hair-do EVER?

His little girl friend, there to the left, her ‘do’ is pretty cool too.

???????????????????????????????I love this little Roo.  He is very….shall we say “amorous”, completely undeterred by his small stature.

Pictures of the pond we have each time it rains more than an inch. We have had the pond since around November first.

walk culvertWhen I was 10 I would have walked thru this culvert with great anticipation and excitement brewing in my heart.  At 32 I am content to gaze at it from a safe distance and zoom in if needed.

walk noseyNosey feels the same way.

We have a big oak tree kinda by the ‘pond’. It has ferns growing on one side……
walk fernI heard a furious pecking and spotted a cute little woodpecker having a go at some bugs nearby.

walk birdwalk birdWe have quite a few of these little fellows that live here, I love seeing them!

walk flower

And finally some fungi and moss….
walk fungiwalk mossBecause I really can’t help myself.

Until next week folks, and lets cross our fingers for better weather, shall we?!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 12/31/2014

  1. At least your woodpecker was working on real wood instead of aluminum overhang like those that were on our suburban homes in Florida when we lived there! Poor little guys must of worn their little beaks out way before their time! I’m glad to be in the woods in Georgia now where the little red heads have plenty of trees! You see some amazing stuff & have inspired me to observe God’s creation in a more macro way! There’s a whole other world that we sometimes just step right over! Love those chickens! God has a sense of humor I know!


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