Baby Horses & Floppy Boobs

I have a 30 minute drive home and a six year old.  This allows plenty of time for conversations like the following:

“Mom, I wish we had a girl horse.”  “Well, we aren’t going to have a girl horse.”  “But WHY not?!  I want a girl horse.  Baby horses are my FAVORITE.”  “Even if we had a girl horse we wouldn’t have a baby horse.”  “Why not?  Are our horses all girls?”  “No, they are boys but they can’t be daddies and besides, girl horses make boy horses act stupid.”  “But why can’t our horses be daddies?”  “Because the vet took out their boy parts so they wouldn’t act stupid.”  “But why do the boy horses act stupid?”  “Because they all want a girlfriend.”  “Why can’t we just get them all a girlfriend, one for each of them?”  “Because they would want all the girls for themselves.”  “How do the babies come out of a person if they don’t cut open their stomach?”  “They come down a special, stretchy tube”  “Wow, it must be REALLY stretchy!  What do you call those things the milk comes out of for the babies, you know like you fed me?”  “Breasts”  ‘Well, then why do they call them that other name?”  “What, boobs?”  “Yeah, boobs!  I guess they call them that ’cause they’re floppy.”

Baby Horses and Floppy Boobs.

Welcome to my reality.

walk horsesOur boy horses enjoying the summer pasture in peace, no mares allowed!


11 thoughts on “Baby Horses & Floppy Boobs

  1. Having a sister who is 6 years older than me I started seeing a different type bra around the house when I was six! Of course I always saw my mom’s at an earlier age but these smaller ones started appearing when my sister was becoming “developed”! At that age I wished I had one for myself to make a slingshot or maybe something to wear on my head! A six year old has a lots to figure out! Good luck with the little curious one!

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