Spooky Old Tree

“Spooky Old Tree” by Stan and Jan Bernstein was Addie’s favorite book when she was three.  It was read to her by various parties at least 10 times a week for approximately 12 months.  I’ve titled my latest effort inflicted on canvas “Spooky Old Tree”, for Addie.  It has simply been to horrid outside to do anything, thank God for Hobby Lobby and sisters and mothers.

Have a great Monday everyone!

8 thoughts on “Spooky Old Tree

  1. Beautiful! I thought your owl painting was very good, too. Painting can be really fun & relaxing. An artist friend ( I’ve featured her work on my blog) just got an art studio. She invited me over last weekend for a lesson. I hadn’t painted since eighth grade, but I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your work! 🙂


  2. Spooky ole tree is kinda like us aging grandmas and grandpas! They did their jobs well and hosted many of God’s creatures over the years providing for them shelter, safety, food for many & often times shade for the weary traveler! We’re now losing our leaves, our limbs droop, our bark is kinda rough looking but we still have lots to offer and one being the subject for a nice young aspiring artist! You did good! Thanks for sharing! Glad this ole grandpa gets to read your posts as I love the simple country life!


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