Hatch Day!

I’ve never had a desire to incubate eggs and I honestly don’t like letting hens set a nest.  It always seems to end poorly for the hatchlings.  But when I found this nest in the hay, for some reason, I left it alone.

nest eggnest eggA few days later I spy the mama.  My funny, anti-social hen who roosts outside alone.

Rob wanted to know what I was going to do.  I mumbled about and basically ignored the question for 21 days.

And here is the result!

chickenSee the little fluffy sweetness peeking out?

eggNo longer bound inside a shell!  There were a dozen eggs.  2 hatched, 1 did not and the others disappeared.  I reckon a snake got them.

But these 2 babies are great!

chickenThey know ’cause their Mama said so!

chickenStripe-Stripe came to visit the Maternity Ward.  She was shunned, totally rude.

stripeAnd while we may not know who the ‘baby daddy’ is, we will certainly keep them!

God, I love a chicken!

11 thoughts on “Hatch Day!

  1. Those are cute babies! Sorry about the rest! Must be the “circle of life” in action! Another critter got a meal!


  2. Adorable pictures! We would love to let nature take its course with our hens, but we have always had a problem with the roosters being so damn mean and protective, and won’t keep them anymore. Any tips/tricks to raising a friendly-type rooster, that doesn’t attempt to attack anyone within a 25 foot radius??


    • I have only had one mean rooster, a Brown Leghorn. My main Roo, Randy, is 4 years old and an Ameracauna. he is great and has gotten after me only twice, but just because I was in the way and his hens were freaked out. He never just goes after anyone. My Silver-Laced Polish Roo is so gentle and goofy and unsuccessful in love that we have decided he is a monk. I had a chicken judge tell me once that if you don’t mess with them when they are young then they will be better and more respectful when they are grown otherwise they consider you part of their flock and we all know what that means! I hope you can find a good, sweet Roo. They are out there!


  3. So cute. I have a fluffy butt chick that kind of reminds me of yours. By the way, do you happen to have any advice on how to encourage hatchery chicks to not fear humans? Our turkeys love us but the chicks are still afraid


    • Almost all my chick’s are hatchery chicks, I think it depends a lot on the breed but also on how much time you spend with them. I spend a ridiculous amount of time talking to them, sitting with them and so on from the time I bring them home until they go on the Jesus. But some breeds tend to be much friendlier than others.


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