Meet the Flock-Part Seven

I’ve been wanting to introduce you to these girls forever!  They are hysterical, fast, funny and completely adorable!  I’m pretty sure they are Lavender Polishes and they are the only two like this in Maydelle, Texas!  Lucky girl that I am they were both hens, I plucked them both from a straight run assortment in April.


The Brown Leghorns make a nice frame.


“Mama, why do I look different?”  “Because you are special darling!”


“But I don’t FEEL special.  And I can’t see where I am going”


“Trust me chicken, you and your sister are both VERY special.  I love you both.  Also, please TRY and watch where you are going.  Maybe practice a poof swoop…..and maybe stop RUNNING everywhere”


“Yes, Mama.  I promise”


Funny side story.  Every night all the chickens go to bed at ‘dark-thirty which is about 8:45.  I normally count them since three or four usually attempt to pull a fast one on me by roosting in the trees adjacent to the coop.  This particular night I was in a hurry, gave the coop plus the trees a quick glance and convinced everyone was present, shut the door.  Not 15 minutes later a wicked storm blew in.  Lightening, rain, 70 mph winds.  It lasted several hours.  Of course I slept thru most of it because that is my super power, sleeping thru anything.  The next morning the sky is clear as a bell, there are leaves and limbs strewn all over the yard and here coming towards me I spot the above pictured Polish.  Poor Creature!  She was walking to one side in a semi-circle, her poof was hanging around her face soaking wet and she looked completely forlorn!  After thanking heaven she was okay I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of her riding a tree limb thru the storm last night, it would have been a sight to see!  I’d like to say she learned her lesson and went up like a good chicken ever since but no.  I had to fetch her off a limb about 11 hours ago……


Oh well, I love my polishes!

What is your favorite breed?




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